Because of the size of our pools, we are inspected by the government and must comply with the Vlarem class II standard. Where many private saunas have problems meeting this Vlarem II standard, we go even further!

Lakonia's pools 1 and 2 each have a capacity of 120,000 liters, which corresponds to the amount of water filtered in one hour. The whirlpools, each 1,500 liters, of course with overflow and a tank (30,000 liters) are filtered 24 hours a day so that each whirlpool has fresh water every 2 minutes. Also through additional treatment with UV filters, the bound Chlorine (chlorine odor, irritations) is kept well below the maximum permissible value. Air quality and humidity is also taken care of, of course. Recently, on behalf of Zorg en Gezondheid, samples for analysis of the air and bathing water were taken. The results of the concentration of trichloramines in the air, which according to the Vlarem conditions has the limit value 500µg/m³ and to which Zorg en Gezondheid advises to always strive for a trichloramine concentration <300 μg/m³, show that we are still well below this level.

We use the most advanced industrial techniques and everything is computer monitored. The water of the whirlpools and swimming pools is continuously measured and adjusted 24 hours a day. The continuous measurement and immediate adjustment of the dosage is of course extremely important because you cannot see bacteria in the water.

In addition, the dosage is checked several times a day by manual measurements. We have also contacted an accredited laboratory to come and do regular, but unexpected, sampling. These results are automatically forwarded to the Ministry of Health.